Our Mission

We have 6 missions to achieve our vision. They are as follows ...

1. Counselling

We provide free and confidential counselling for mothers in pregnancy crisis, and youths with adolescent problems.

2. Advise Alternatives To Abortion

We help mothers to look at various alternatives, so that they will not resort to abortion or baby dumping. These include marriage, keeping the baby or, as a last option, giving up the child for adoption. Our role in adoption is to help select and recommend prospective adoptive couples. The mother herself will decide. We only assist in legal adoption.

3. Provision Of Shelter

We provide free private accommodation for those who need a place to stay during pregnancy.

4. Provision Of Supports

Mothers under our care, are provided with free pre and post natal check-ups, and delivery in hospital. Our visitation team visits them regularly to give emotional supports. For Christians, if they wish, we make arrangements for their respective priests, pastors or elders to visit them, to provide spiritual supports.

5. Education

This is our preventive programme, to avert teenage pregnancy, abortion and baby dumping. We conduct talks and seminars, hold Pro-Life exhibitions, and produce newsletters for private circulation among our member churches.

Talks and Seminars in Churches, Schools and Factories

Our objectives are

  1. To increase awareness of teenage sexual health, the consequences of teenage pregnancy and the danger of sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. To improve the social skills of teenagers in Boy-Girl relationship.
  3. To change risky health behaviours, such as smoking, drugs and premarital sex etc.

Exhibitions in Churches and Public Venues

We hold exhibitions in churches and public places, such as shopping malls, to raise the public awareness of the evil of and undesirable consequences of abortion and baby dumping, teenage sexual health and the consequences of teenage pregnancy and the availability of Pro-Life services.


We publish newsletters on pro-life issues, sexual health for youths and other articles of interest, for private circulations among our member churches.

6. Prayers

We constantly pray for God's guidance and for strength to carry out our missions. We hold monthly prayer meetings and, once in a while, we hold "Joint Churches Prayer Service For Life".